Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 1

So, I’ve been terrible about posting things to the Internet, including (but not limited to) blog posts, Instagram pics, and just regular interaction with friends. Sorry about that! I’ve been making the excuse that I’ve been sooo busy dealing with paperwork for my new job and paperwork for Huan’s stay and paperwork for our marriage.. but I’ve actually just been half lazy and half enjoying my time off from work.

Since I’ll be getting back into the swing of work and a regular schedule, I decided that I should make a habit of writing regularly, and my dear friend Lin shared with me a post by a blogger from Manila named Helga, listing tips to avoid bad-blogging. In it, she quickly mentions a weekly blog link-up called Friday’s 10 Happy Things. It’s great because it has the writer list 10 things making her feel good at the moment. It’s technically Saturday in Manila, but it’s still Friday at home in Jersey, so here we go! Friday’s 10 Happy Things:

  1. Showing Huan’s Instagram to my new employer. Because I can never NOT show his face/abs to anyone I meet for the first time.
  2. Making my Dream Gym~ It’s an iPhone game I’ve been playing where you “Grow muscles, not crops!” It’s cheesy, but it gives the same satisfaction as Farmville, so whatever.
  3. Wedding planning (kinda). Huan and I have been working hard on collecting paperwork and things! Plus the I DO Wedding Fair is coming up real soon!!
  4. Game of Thrones marathons with Huan and completing the series in 2 weeks.
  5. Cats outside of our condo.
  6. Cats in my coffee.
  7. Sleeping masks because help me fall asleep much faster and stay asleep for longer.
  8. This “itemize happy things” list because I like the idea of making a habit of counting my blessings.
  9. Being with Huan today. And everyday until forever.
  10. This video of Coldplay and a turtle.

Happy weekend! Hope you join her link-up, too! If not, I’d love to know things that make you happy, too~

Ditz Revolution

2 thoughts on “Friday’s 10 Happy Things | 1

  1. You and Huan are cute AND CONGRATS TO HUAN ON HIS BODY!!!! Hahahaha. I wish I could be as disciplined as he is.

    My old boss actually owns Commune. I don’t go there much because it’s so far from our new office. We used to be on the same street!

    And I’m totally downloading Dream Gym haha.

    Thank you for joining. <3

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