Less than a week until my forever is here. 

I’m a sprinter. So if you ask me if a mile is a long distance, I’ll respond by saying that even 400 meters is too far for me. So, if five years ago, you told me that I’d be in a long distance relationship with someone over 8,500 miles away, I would never believe them, then proceed to call them names.

With less than a week away (one weekend left!) of my fiancé landing in the country where I’ve been living for the past year (ish), people have decided to stop asking if I’m excited because it shows in everything I do: my Instagram feed is a cheesy post for him every time you scroll; my cork board at work has a picture of him hanging right in front of my face; I even show off his pictures to complete strangers (there was one time I was shopping for lamps and decided it was a great time to show the sales associates his washboard abs and big head). There are many things I’d love to share with the world about him, so hopefully I’ll have a chance to share a piece of that here.

There have been many times I’ve told myself that I’ll start writing more often. Friends and people I’ve just met have even told me that I should try writing. With less than a week until my fiancé, Huan comes here, I have decided to put my foot down. I don’t have a set goal in mind aside from being able to share a piece of my world. I’d like to keep this as a part-time visual diary (as I had originally intended). However, I’d also like to put in one place the things I’ve been learning to share. Warning: this may or may not include jokes I’ve learned from my interns.

I hope you’ll join me as I start my adventure!


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